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Medical possibilites/operations

  • General Dermatovenerology

    We realize diagnostics and treatment of dermal and venerologic diseases including hair and nail diseases in adults and children since their birth and sampling for bacteriological and mycological examinations in the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic of Procare Central every day.

    We ensure diagnostics of sexually transmitted diseases and realize preventive oncological dermal examination, including dermoscopy of dermal lesions as well.

    Birthmarks examination

    We perform preventive and targeted examinations of melanocytic nerves (brown birthmarks) on the whole body skin of the patients by dermatoscopy every day. Dermatoscopy is based on examination of skin birthmarks and other skin structures realized with a special optic device – a dermatoscope. With the dermatoscope we can early detect certain abnormalities, which could later lead to the development of melanoma skin cancers. Suspicious structures are then removed from the skin surgically followed by the histological examination of samples.

    Virus warts

    We also treat virus warts with the liquid nitrogen in children and adults as well. We use the liquid nitrogen to treat some skin diseases, too. It is applicable on the surface with almost no pain.

    Benign skin lesions

    We remove benign skin lesions, known as pedunculated fibroma, using an electrocauter after the summer season.

  • Aesthetic dermatovenerology

    A consultation with the doctor is always required before every aesthetic surgery, when a recommended treatment method is determined.

    Depilation of body hair

    Within the scope of the aesthetic performances with the EU certified device Almalasers Harmony we realize permanent depilation of body hair in women and men as well in the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic. We remove body hair from the skin, face (mainly around the upper lip), armpits, and bikini zone and from shanks. It is necessary to take into account 7 up to 9 applications when considering to undergo this performance.

    Hyperpigmentation removal

    The same device Almalasers Harmony is used to remove targeted dark hyperpigmentation on the face, back, hands and broken capillaries. These performances can be realized only after the summer season. The examinations are almost painless thanks to mature technology of the above mentioned device. A special preparation or nursing is not required before or after the performance. It is necessary to take into account 1 up to 3 applications to remove the dark brown hyperpigmentation or broken capillaries.

    Retinol peeling

    We apply the most modern medical Retinol peeling with satisfying results and minimum limitation or burden for the patient. We realize this performance in two sessions in the course of 6 weeks. The dermatologist applies 1 ampule of Retinol peeling uniformly on the face and back of the hands after the cleaning of the skin. The peeling is let to react under the supervision of the doctor. The old horny skin of the patient will symmetrically peel off from the places, where the Retinol peeling was applied by the doctor after 2 or 3 days. The skin will remain significantly smoother and brighter. Non-uniform pigmentation will unite, the dark pigmentation will fade, big pores will contract and soft wrinkles will disappear. The performance is carried out after the summer season. It’s very popular thanks to its notable effect and availability.

    Painless mesotherapy

    We realize the non-invasive painless mesotherapy without using needles in the Dermatologic Outpatient Clinic of the ProCare Central. The dermatologist applies a nutrient substance on the face and the neck. This substance will improve the condition the skin and its quality, significantly remove the wrinkles and trigger increased production of collagen and elastic fibres, thanks to which the skin is notably of better quality and looks younger. It’ possible to realize this performance during the whole year, the best time is after the summer season and after winter. It’s usually realized in 3 sessions in the course of one month. The patient will see the effect right after the performance in the Dermatologic Outpatient Clinic.